What Is An Intervention?

An intervention is a way for family and friends to gather together and confront someone struggling with substance abuse. The addict may not have responded well to one person trying to speak to them; this person is likely in denial and feeling like the world is out to get them. The truth is that family and friends want to help, not hinder, and getting the addict to realize they have a problem and need help is the goal of an intervention.

Interventions come in many shapes and sizes, and we have all likely seen at least one of these methods through television. Family, friends, sometimes a spiritual counselor like a Priest or Rabbi, and an intervention specialist gather together to confront the addict. Each person shares their experiences with the addict and how that person’s addiction, be it alcoholism or drug abuse, has effected them on a personal level. This falls into the Direct Intervention category, which is the primary and most used form.

The Purpose

Interventions have one purpose: to help the addict come to terms with their addiction and to convince this person that he or she needs to get help. One of the hardest factors when it comes to addiction is the fact that most addicts are in denial. More often than not addicts believe they’re not doing anything wrong, or they simply don’t care. This is especially common with alcoholics who think that their drinking isn’t as bad as everyone says.

With this in mind, interventions help break the foggy glasses of addiction so that the person can see the damage they’ve caused to those around them, and their own lives. Addiction is powerful and it takes a strong support system in order to fight. So, if you are having an intervention for someone, remember that the key is compassion and love. While the approach may be confrontational, the idea is to remind the person that you are looking out for their best interests and trying to help.

Get Help for your Loved Ones

There are experts in the field of addiction and interventions that can help. The old saying goes “knowledge is power,” and in order to successfully face addiction, for you or your loved ones, you need to have that power. There are plenty of ways an intervention can go wrong, and only one way that it will be successful: with the addict agreeing to go into treatment and getting help. Family can get frustrated with one another, everyone can get over defensive, and the event can get derailed relatively quickly. Having the right knowledge can assure that this event goes the way it was intended.

These specialists can also be asked to attend the interventions and help to guide the event. This can be especially helpful if there have been issues with communication in the family in the past. It’s time to get the help you or your loved ones deserve, and there is plenty of help available. Call (239) 244-8977 and speak to the right people who can help you get the information you need, and can even put you in touch with an interventionist.